“When you are visiting a forest be sure to take back only the memories
and to leave behind only the FOOT PRINTS”

A journey to woodland is a ft. great opportunity to discover the allures of nature. A forest is a living library of wonders always yet to be uncovered.

Remember, what will you see in a forest will largely depend on you. If you are quiet and observant you will bound to see the delightful sceneries hidden among the dense foliage If you are patient and attentive you will bound to hear the symphony of denizens and to feel and see their enchanting presence amidst the greenery.


    • Adhere to the designated trekking routes and never trek alone to prevent getting lost in the jungle.
    • Be careful not to start a forest fire accidentally. Be sure not to drop cigarette butts and to extinguish cooking or camp fires when not in use.
    • Do not destroy, damage or remove any kind of plant, animal or property in the forest. Take a camera, a tape recorder or a notebook to “capture” your prey.
    • Help keep the forest clean by placing waste material into the garbage bins and collecting any garbage found dumped in the forest.
    • Do not write, engrave, make any mark or put advertising material anywhere in the forest, on rocks or on tree trunks.
    • Do not make loud noise. Be sure to be quiet and watchful always.
    • Do not perform any act which is against the safety and the sustainability of forest environment.


How you can help when you visit a National park


    • Do stay within your vehicle at all times for your own safety.
    • Do enjoy the sounds of the wild, and refrain from shouting, using transistor radios or playing musical instruments.
    • Do take care not to let your vehicle disturb wild animals in the park or approach them too closely. This is their refuge. Respect them.
    • Do abstain from illegal activities within this park.
    • Do abide by the time limits allowed for visitors to this park.
    • Do enjoy the natural beauty of this unique park and let others do the same.
    • Do refrain from taking anything out of this park.
    • Do help maintain the pristine nature of this forest by refraining from littering or polluting the environment. Please take away all litter you may have brought into the park.

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