Birds of Sri Lanka (Part – 04)

THE SPECIES DESCRIPTIONS The species accounts are necessarily brief and have been written to convey where possible the general impression or ‘character portrait’ of a bird. This is complemented by a discussion of its distinct features, either in terms of its plumage or its habits. Descriptive information on plumage has been kept to a bare […]

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Birds of Sri Lanka (Part – 03)

INFORMATION FOR VISITORS Preparation Some preparation can make a lot of difference in a small accessible island like Sri Lanka. A good deal of information is available both on the internet as well as from traditional bookshops. Internet For information on any recent trip reports, the internet flyway in the Oriental Bird Club’s web page ( […]

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Birds of Sri Lanka (Part – 02)

Birds to look out for For visiting birders, the birds of most interest will be the endemic species. For this reason, expanded accounts are provided in the text. In the case of a few highly sought after but ‘difficult to see’ birds such as the Ceylon Spur-fowl, details on the best places to see them […]

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A Guide to the birds of Udawalawe

Introduction Bird watching is a hobby that anyone, young or old can find pleasure in. It not only exercises the body and mind, but it also makes you truly appreciate the wonders of nature. Bird watching can be a challenging yet exhilarating past time that commands a certain degree of patience and tolerance, as at […]

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Crocodiles of Sri Lanka

Crocodiles are reptiles. Unlike birds and mammals, crocodiles are unable to maintain constant internal body temperature by physiological means. They are therefo referred to as ‘cold-blooded or poikilothermic animals with a backbone (vertebrates Crocodiles are extremely ancient animals. They have been around for more than million years. During their time, crocodiles had witnessed not only […]

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