Reef Fishes of Sri Lanka – Part 01

Preface Ever since I first looked underwater more than 40 years ago, I have been fascinated by the diversity and number of fish on our reefs. Reef fish add color and movement to a reef and fish watching is a fascinating and rewarding activity for snorkelers and divers. Knowing the names of fish adds to […]

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Birds of Sri Lanka (Part – 04)

THE SPECIES DESCRIPTIONS The species accounts are necessarily brief and have been written to convey where possible the general impression or ‘character portrait’ of a bird. This is complemented by a discussion of its distinct features, either in terms of its plumage or its habits. Descriptive information on plumage has been kept to a bare […]

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Mangroves of Sri Lanka (Part 03)

Vegetation Types of Mangrove Ecosystems The development of mangrove swamps is a result of substrate, topography and freshwater hydrology as well as tidal action. One can expect several different types of mangroves developing under different sets of these conditions. Five types of mangals are generally recognized in the world: they are;  Fringing Mangroves,  Over wash […]

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Birds of Sri Lanka (Part – 03)

INFORMATION FOR VISITORS Preparation Some preparation can make a lot of difference in a small accessible island like Sri Lanka. A good deal of information is available both on the internet as well as from traditional bookshops. Internet For information on any recent trip reports, the internet flyway in the Oriental Bird Club’s web page ( […]

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Mangroves of Sri Lanka (Part 02)

Salt Salinity plays a vital role on the distribution of species, their productivity and growths of mangrove (Twitlley & Chen, 1998). Changes in salinity are controlled by climate, hydrology, rainfall, topography and tidal flooding. Mangroves generally tolerate higher salinity range when compared to terrestrial plants but tolerance capacity also vary among the different mangrove species. […]

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