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Batadombalena Cave

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The Batatotalena Cave, also called Diva Guhawa in Buddhist culture. It is one of the important archaeological sites where bones of Sri Lanka’s prehistoric Balangoda Apeman or the Balangoda Manawaya(Homo sepian  balangodensis) have been discovered. The cave measures approximately 15 m high, 18 m wide, and 25 m in length. The internal area of the cave is  6,800 square meters.

Located at 8 Km away from the Kuruvwita. From Kuruwita there is an engine capable street which achieves Ekneligoda. 4 km from that point is a footpath along the mountain thru forest and water streams. At one time the trail runs on to a cliff overlooking the waterway, on another occasion the trail runs alongside its rocky bank, crossing it from side to side, on moss covered boulders. The view from the cavern momentous and the vista contains moving slopes, green mountains, silver streams and biodiversity rich backwoods.

There is a ledge half way up, on which could be seen the caves. From the very top of the rock a thin sheet of water fell into an abyss directly in front of the ledge. It was like a flimsy silver curtain shielding the entrance to the cave and blowing softly in the wind.

Batabombalena first exhuming by P.E.P.Deraniyagala in 1938.The finds included fragmentary human remains and stone antiquities. The uncovering was of 4 feet and deraniyagala relegated the gathering of stone curios, specifically the relationship of microliths and human stays, to the Balangoda stage. A preparatory examination was made by Dr.S.U.Deraniyagala in 1979 which uncovered a rich word related store. Thereafter,an unearthing of 2.6 m was led. The stratigraphic grouping of seven fundamental word related layers and 3 basic strata straightforwardly above bed rock has been depicted by Daraniyagala in 1982. Layers 1 3 from top downwards were considered to have been depicted in detest time by the extraction of guano compost for town paddy fields, and leaving of the floor by ministers who used to live in the stone asylum. The word related saved in layer 4 was depicted as a monstrous homogenous stratum with caramel sand and residue containing stone ancient rarities and faunal remains. Layers 5 and 6 were thought to be the site‟s major word related layer

7 contains numerous stone ancient rarities including geometric microlights which were radiocarbon dated to approx. 30 000 years BP.

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  • It is one of the important archaeological sites related with Balangoda Apeman
  • Batabombalena first exhuming by P.E.P.Deraniyagala in 1938.
  • From the very top of the rock a thin sheet of water fell into an abyss directly in front of the ledge.


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