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Sinharaja Rain Forest

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Sinharaja’ Rain forest was named a national park and a biodiversity hotspot in 1978 and was designated as a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site in 1988 by UNESCO. This is a low land rain forest which is diffused in over 88.64 km2 in ‘Sabaragamuwa’ and ‘Southern’ provinces. Because of the dense vegetation, you may not come across many wildlife as at dry-zone national parks such asYala.but about 3 elephants and 15 leopards could be seen . Purple faced Languor, a hereditary animal species in Sri Lanka is abundant. Out of 26 hereditary bird species in Sri lanka, there are about 20 species including Red- faced Malkoha, Green-billed coucal and Sri lanka blue magpie to be seen in this zone. There are Green pit viper and Hump-nosed viper with hereditary reptile species and diversed Tree frogs in a large amphibious diversity . A Sri lankan hereditary species like Common bird wing butterfly and leech are there too.’ Veniwelgata’ ( Coscinium frenestatum ) and orchid species are abundant.

There are 3 ways to enter ‘Sinharaja’.

  • Kudawa entrance.
  • Pitadeniya entrance.
  • Morningside entrance.

We select Pitadeniya entrance. South end of ‘Sinharaja’ is the most important division. At present this is administered by forest department ,and camp site is called “Pitadeniya wana niwahana” which is meant for tourists.

In the entourage the last city we arrive is “Deniyaya” and up to “Deniyaya” the road is in very good condition. If we use Southern highway we can easily reach “Deniyaya” from Colombo within 2 hours. If not it will take nearly 3 hours.

There is a road through enchanting Tea estates and Charming Paddy fields to enter “Mederipitiya” village which runs via “Pallegama” from “Deniyaya” .Without any difficulty you can travel in an ordinary vehicle on this road and also some buses run from “Deniyaya” to “Medaripititya”. Accessible destination by a vehicle is “Mederipitiya” bus halt. From there you have to walk passing a bridge , a temple, marvelous Tea estates and beautiful paddy fields and through home gardens experiencing the beauty, cool climate and then to the entrance. For sure you will be able to feel the charming beauty and untouched countryside in a virgin nature.

You can hire a guide if necessary and also can obtain the instructions and maps at the entrance. Of course you may easily find a villager from “Mederipitiya” or “Lankagama” village. A guide can be found from “Deniyaya” town if you are a foreigner.

You will also experience the freshness of pure water flowing down streams and lovely waterfalls.

Close to the camp site (Pitadeniya wana niwahana) you can observe,

  • “Pathan oya Ella” (1.75 km)
  • “Kekuna Ella“ (600m)
  • “Malmora Ella” (2.5 km)

Other than that you can enjoy the beauty of Giant shorea tree [250m] and Aranua Ela which feeds the water falls. Even though you might be tired a little, you will feel marvelous after a fresh bath in one of the silvery waterfalls mentioned above. Other than that it will take another day to experience

  • “Duwili Ella”.
  • “Brahmana Ella”.
  • “Thattu Ella”.

which are close to ‘Lankagama’ . But it is a fortune to feel and experience this unpolluted and untouched enchanting beauty of the nature.

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  • See native wildlife in their natural environment
  • Soak up the atmosphere on a walking tour
  • Informative, friendly and professional guide
  • Enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city

What you will do

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Pathan Oya Ella Sinharaja Rain Forest
Pathan Oya Ella Sinharaja Rain Forest

Pathan Oya Ella Falls is one of the many waterfalls found the the Sinharaja Reserve. The height of the fall is 16m and it flows in few steps, located 1.7 km from the camp site (Pitadeniya wana niwahana). The waterfall is also called the Upper Aranuwa Falls since the fall is created by a drop on Aranuwa Dola which connects to Gin Ganga little further down.

Kekuna Ella Sinharaja Rain Forest
Kekuna Ella Sinharaja Rain Forest

As Kakuna trees are abundant around this water fall, it is called Kakuna Ella. It is 11m high and has 5m width. Located 600m away from camp.

Malmora Ella Sinharaja Rain Forest
Malmora Ella Sinharaja Rain Forest

waterfall is situated within Sinharaja rain forest and 2.5km away from camp site.The height of the waterfall is 30m. In surroundings of the fall a naturalized tree named ‘Kitul’ (Caryota Urens) grow.

Thattu Ella Sinharaja Rain Forest
Thattu Ella Sinharaja Rain Forest

As this waterfall flows in 2-3 steps it is called Thattu Ella. Located in Lankagama. The height of the waterfall is 14 meters.

Brahmana Ella Sinharaja Rain Forest
Brahmana Ella Sinharaja Rain Forest

This is the first waterfall you can visit and can be seen even over the bridge of the road. This is made by Hariyawa Dola. Following this, Hariyawa Dola (හැරියාව දොල) flows further to join with Gin Ganga (ගිo ගග) . It is named as Brahamana Ella due to fallen of “Brahamanaya” from top of this waterfall.

Duwili Ella Sinharaja Rain Forest
Duwili Ella Sinharaja Rain Forest

This 23m height beautiful waterfall is made by the right branch of Hariyawa Dola.


Sinhagala is the most prominent of all the nine peaks found in Sinharaja. The continues unbroken canopy can clearly be viewed from this vantage point.

Navada Tree
Navada Tree

The giant Navada Tree (Shorea stipularis) is a magnificent sight in sinharaja. Over 500 years old, this endemic tree is 40m height and has a 6.4m diameter.

Gin Ganga Niwahana
Gin Ganga Niwahana

one of the accommodation options at Pitadeniya Conservation Center. Two rooms available for 05 persons.

Pitadeniya Niwahana
Pitadeniya Niwahana

one of the accommodation options at Pitadeniya Conservation Center. Maximum Occupancy 16 Guests


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What is the accommodation guarantee?
The best option would be to stay at the forest department camp site. also there are few private eco-lodges close to pitadeniya entrance.
How can i reserve accommodation?

you can reserve from forest department office or Online.

Forest Department +94 11 2866631 / Sinharaja- +94 41 3490644

What is the best route from Colombo?
Colombo-> Galle- >Akuresa -> Deniyaya -> Pallegama -> Mederipitiya -> Pitadeniya


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